Time Innovation Pte. Ltd.

Time Innovation

We will provide “the value” of “time” with “Time”.

CEO Message

We will enrich our lives by converting the power of “time” to “value”.

“Changing Time into the Value!”

Time is given equally to all people by God. We want to make our time valuable rather than spending it wastefully.
Time Innovation is born based on a scheme with unwavering resolve.

Time Innovation will provide “value” or points to people who visited the specific place by using their “time”, helping the area to be more active.
We also think that we can enrich our lives by utilizing “time” and contribute to support for reconstruction of the disaster-affected areas and increase of visitors.
Time Innovation hope to contribute to the progress of human beings by changing the power of “time” to “value” by doing what we can do.
For us, success is not to obtain wealth and fame. It means to make full use of our lives.
Time Innovation will be launched with infinite possibilities by controlling limited “time”.
We must thoroughly utilize our only one-time life!

Time Innovation Pte. Ltd. CEO
Yuki Sawada

Our Vision

Enrich our lives by changing the power of “time” to “value”.

“Changing Time into the Value!”

Have you ever felt that you spent your time wastefully?
Whether you spend your time meaningfully or wastefully depends on your will.
Our company hopes to enrich our lives by changing the limited time to visible value.
This is our vision.


  • Yuki Sawada

    Time Innovation Pte. Ltd. CEO
    (2017 Awarded DeviceAppDevelopment AWARD from Microsoft with beacon technology)

    Representative director of ObjectS Co., Ltd. which has a proven technological capability such as winning an award from Microsoft for Device App Development by providing services utilizing the Beacon technology. In addition, he has been engaged in the point system and wallet development for an airline company, and successfully played a crucial role in a wide range of fields including O2O solution development using Beacon and artificial intelligence. At the core of the Time Innovation technology, he has placed bGPS (indoor location system using Beacon), Blockchain technology and other products that the company owns, while he has been determined to start the business as the compilation of the Beacon solutions developed with full of his soul.

  • Toru Seta

    Time Innovation Pte. Ltd.
    The Chairman of Advisory Board
    (Former Managing Director of the Keizaikai Current special adviser)

    Joined the business community in 1974.In the business community, as the company's name suggests, in a company that quickly detects social economic trends and disseminates information globally, it has a reputation for its ability to read the trends of companies that have been cultivated over the years, and has served as an officer. Active as a managing director since 2013. Currently, as a special adviser, while watching future economic trends in Japan and overseas, he is committed to fostering the future.At TimeInnovation, we will participate as The Chairman of Advisory Board so that the solution of TimeInnovation and the future economy will work in tandem.

  • Yoshitsugu Kawahara

    Time Innovation Pte. Ltd. COO
    (Next Level Founder)

    He founded Next Level Co., Ltd. in 2008. Under his mission of "Making the company provide indispensable human resources services in the world and be recognized around the world,” he has grown the company with 20 branches nationwide, more than 10,000 staff members registering per month, about 20,000 job seekers working. Since Time innovation is expected to rapidly grow including management, his role is to swiftly arrange personnel to supplement it.

  • Samson (SAM) Lee

    (Ethereum South China Co-Founder)

    Samson, an experienced cryptographic currency investor, has over 20 years of investment experience. Proven proven commercializing various digital services and e-business throughout Asia, including the world's first 4G premium VOD service (China Mobile, the first mobile PC electronic wallet in 2003, the first verified VISA) I have a successful example. In 2002, I was in charge of SMS settlement service between VISA and the Bank of China. In TimeInnovation, he is in charge of advising on his experience.

  • Jay Kim

    (Security Officer)

    Entrepreneur in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry who founded successful Korean Crypto community sites (ICO Schedule, Coin Press &more). He incubates and advises ICOs (E.g.Clout.io, Cubeint.io etc.) and owns masternodes. Previously he was head of enterprise mobility business development at Samsung and has held different IT & Telecom positions at Samsung,Motorola, Ericsson. He has deep understanding of Korean, US, European and Indian business cultures and is fluent in English & Korean languages. He received MS degree from University of Chicago.

  • Victor Chow

    (Marketing Specialist)

    Victor Chow is a well-known Business Mentor and IDACBʼs accredited ICO Advisor to several successful global ICO projects. He is a Founder and CEO of an ICO advisory and investment firm ICO World Exchange, a business unit of LVL 88 Ventures. Victor Chow was the former Global Chief Operating Officer of major Chinese telecommunication and cloud technology firm Huawei Technologies. With over 28 years of experience in business management in the Asia Pacific, European and North American regions, including business development, sales, marketing and global operations management, as well as a particularly deep understanding of FinTech, Blockchains & Cloud Computing, he brings his strategic business advice, investment assessment and fundraising capabilities to Time Innovation

  • Masaaki Kitayama

    (Kitayama General Office Representative)

    Masaaki Kitayama is a representative director of Kitayama Sogo Office, Japan's largest registered land surveying office. In addition, to an corporate auditor for Barbibani Corporation, a major food and beverage industry, he serves as an executive officer, a corporate auditor, and an advisor of multiple listed companies. He is also a promotion adviser of the General Incorporated Association, “Temple and Shrine Tourism,” and All Japan Funeral Directors Co-Operation, aiming for expansion of Time’s economic zone to various fields.

  • Hajime Kanasugi

    (Former Dwango Director)

    After developing the game etc., co-founded Tabriel Co., Ltd. and assumed office as a director. I am involved in the Internet / radio projects and others. Inaugurated as a director of Dwango AG Entertainment (now Dwango) Co., Ltd. Work on a content project cooperating with Nico Nico Douga. After that, founded Fucharabo Co., Ltd. with Takafumi Horie · Kenichiro Mogi etc. Perform various platform designs. Researcher, former Keio University SDM Research Institute. In his book "Money and State and Our Future" (co-authored by Takafumi Horie and Kenichiro Mogi), he proposed a currency revolution based on the virtual currency and a job revolution with a block chain. In Time Innovation, we design service design and platform concept based on expansion of Time economic zone.

  • Yasuyuki Ishida

    (Former member of the House of Representatives)

    Representative director of Promise Co., Ltd., Senior Managing Director of Zissi, Representative Director of At-Loan, etc.From the feeling that "I want to cheer managers who are trying hard", they currently offer offers from several partially listed companies, etc. and serve as advisors and outside directors.At Time Innovation, we will utilize the financial knowledge that we have cultivated up to now, the mobility and behavioral capabilities across the organization, judgment, and information gathering capabilities to support structure construction on the point settlement side as the Time economy zone expands .

  • Fumio Yoshimura

    (Former Osaka prefectural police officer)

    Fumio Yoshimura joined the Osaka prefectural police and served as police inspector. He serves as a representative director of Defense Company and works for all aspects of crisis management for enterprises. He is also engaged in crisis management consulting business, and he has served as a special adviser for LINE-UP Co., Ltd. and ZENJANREN (Japan Mahjong Union Federations). He is also in charge of security works for Defense Company to strengthen the area of human security in accordance with the expansion of the Time’s economic zone.

  • Hachiro Toda

    (Fujita Tourism Group Former President and Representative Director)

    After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University Law School, joined Fujita Kankou Corporation.Resorts Division We have accumulated achievements in sales promotion and will rise up to general manager of business promotion group headquarters, business headquarters general manager of Hakone Kowakuen.After that he took charge of the company's managing director. He worked as a representative of a group company from Heisei 23. Time Innovation is responsible for expanding the economic sphere in the tourism industry and hotel industry.

  • Iwaki Takayuki

    (Former National Taxation Bureau Inspection Dept.)

    After graduating from Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Aichi University, he worked at Nagoya Central Tax Office and Criminal Investigation Department of National Tax Bureau in Nagoya. He has founded Iwaki Tax Accountant Office in 2016. Making good use of his experiences of investigating in the corporate tax, the consumption tax, the withholding income tax, and the indirect tax at the National Tax Bureau and Tax Office for 28 years, he is expected to develop human resources who can administer appropriate and transparent tax affairs in Time innovation.

  • Hidetoshi Nakano

    (International Lawyers)

    Hidetoshi Nakano graduated from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. He opened up a system development and web service business during his university days. After graduation, it was resolved to study for the bar exam and passed the exam. Utilizing his experience as an IT company business owner, he acted as a representative lawyer at Grow-willl International Law Firm, specialized in legal issues of IT and Internet companies. Furthermore, He established MIRAI CHALLENGE Co., Ltd. to solve not only legal issues but also corporate issues such as fund procurement, recruitment, personnel system formation, advertisement PR, overseas advance support, and IPO.

  • Outline

    Company Profile

    Company name Time Innovation Pte. Ltd.
    Established In July, 2018
    The number of employees 52 employees including executives
    Address 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #11-20, The Central, Singapore
    Business description Publishing ChronoCoin / Development of Application and Blockchain
    Executive CEO Yuki Sawada

    Company name Time Innovation Co.,Ltd.
    Established In June, 2018
    Address No: #55, Street 456, Sangkat Toul Tumpuong 1, Khan Chamkarmorn, phnom penh.
    Business description Business related to ICO sales
    Executive CEO Ryoichi Akaike


    「Buy Your Time」

    We will enrich our lives by converting the power of “time” to “value”.

    Time Innovation provides services to add the value to the concept of time, which is the globally shared value, to enrich people’s lives.
    In order to accommodate to the constantly growing economic structure, our company structures an economic zone where the perspective of “time” is provided to the action information of “time”.
    ChronoCoin is to be issued to be able to receive the support for the economic zone throughout the world.